Treatises on the philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd
Pierre-Charles Marcel

Pierre-Charles Marcel (1910-1992)

As a young man in 1934 Pierre Marcel set himself - under the inspirational leadership of his teacher Auguste Lecerf - to master the Christian philosophy of the Dutch professor of law from Amsterdam. His ultimate aim was to translate the Dutchman's magnum opus - De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee - into French for the benefit of French-speaking Christians.

Other duties, and a world war, ultimately scuppered this plan and, when an American translation of the massive three volume work was eventually published in the 1950s, Marcel abandoned his initial plan.

During the fifties, however, he undertook a study of Dooyeweerd in two degree courses and produced what amounts to a brilliant summary in French of the Dutchman's great work.

The first thesis : The Transcendental Critique of Theoretical Thought: Prolegomena to Herman Dooyeweerd's Philosophy of the Law-Idea, was completed in 1956. For this he was awarded the Licencié en Théologie at the Faculté Libre de Theologie Protestante in Montpellier.

The second thesis : General Theory of the Law Spheres: Introduction to the theory of the temporal structure of reality in Herman Dooyeweerd's Philosophy of the Law-Idea, was completed four years later and for which he was awarded the degree of Doctor en Theologie.

Both these have remained in typewritten form to this day and have been hardly accessible.

We plan to publish both volumes in both French and English over the next two or three years. The French versions should be available by the end of 2010. They will be available for sale in printed and electronic form.

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